F1 in schools All-Ireland Champions: Hurricane racing "Success by speed"

The competition

Competition is great; it forces us to do our best.

F1 in Schools is a global, multi-disciplinary competition, open to all secondary schools, that challenges secondary school students to design, build and race miniature compressed air powered balsa wood/Polymer resin Formula 1 cars of the future. Student teams will compete against each other in a National Championship to determine the best-engineered and fastest car in Ireland.

Competitors will have an exciting educational experience, expressing their creativity, skills and team-working ability in a fun and positive way.

The F1 in Schools Technology Challenge is part of an international competition with Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone as patron.

The main objective of the competition is to raise the profile of technology, engineering and science across our secondary schools and by creating a fun and exciting learning environment for students to develop an informed view of careers in these areas.

Imagine building a 1/20th-scale F1 racing car capable of travelling at over 110km/hr – using advanced 3D design software, automated manufacturing technology ... and some bright ideas from you and your team mates.

F1 in Schools is a unique technology challenge that enables second-level students to get their hands on the latest technology from the worlds of technology, engineering and manufacturing

Hurricane Racing competed in the Irish National Finals in the RDS recently and came away with four trophies. They won an award for Best use of ICT & CAD, fastest F1-Type car, Senior cycle winners, and also, National Finals winners!

This means that they are the best team in Ireland and will now represent their town and country at the F1 in Schools World Finals in Austin, Texas, later this year.

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Meet the people that constantly work hard to make this team great and worthy of representing Ireland.
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Darren O’Hara Duggan

Team Manager and Design
Darren was responsible for making sure that the team operates efficiently and effectively. Darren also lead the way in designing the car. Using his experience with CAD software and CFD analysis, he was able to design multiple innovative designs and features before a collective decision was made.
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Ciaran McDermott

Manufacture & Graphic Design
As head of manufacturing, Ciarán’s job was to design the car as close to the CAD design as possible. Ciarán was again involved with the CAM software of the 3D printer which he thoroughly enjoyed doing. He also was in charge of graphic design and used software to design templates and the team logo.
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Jamie McManus

Marketing & Communications
Jamie was responsible for marketing our team and car to the public in a professional manner. He managed the various social media accounts and made sure that our team was represented online effectively. He worked with the sponsors and advertised them and team on various media outlets.
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Tom O’Carroll

Accounts & Finance
Tom was in charge of ensuring that the team’s finances were in order. He prepared multiple financial reports and also estimated and actual budgets. He also was head of testing. He also tested various materials for axles, wheels and wings to get get the lightest possible designs.
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Joe Reidy

Head of Resource
Managing our resources and time was a key area in Joe’s role as resource manager. He made sure that materials were bought for the best price and were stored in a safe environment.Joe was in charge of the finishing process. This included sanding, painting, bead blasting and applying decals.
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Cian McBrearty

Scrutineering Engineer
Cian’s role was to ensure that the team adhered to the marking scheme and made sure our car was within regulation. Cian worked with the entire team in making out schedules and prioritised tasks which had high marks.


Pictures from our journey to become the best F1 in Schools Team

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