Ireland's Winning F1 Team in 2016

"Our car is 0.16 seconds away from a world record!"

  Hurricane Racing

Who Are We?

Six hard-working and committed transition year students from The Marist College In Athlone.

What we are doing?

We are taking our award winning Formula 1 concept car to represent Ireland in the finals of an international F1 competition in Texas, USA; and we’re going there to win!
Throughout the school year, and all through the summer, we developed skills and competency in complex mathematics (and engineering fundamentals) to design and refine our winning F1 car, Blue Lightening. Our c.300mm car will be propelled down a 20m track in Austin by a single pressurised CO2 canister. We have designed, modelled, and built the car with the smoothest bearings, most appropriate materials, and most efficient aerodynamic profile.

How we’re doing?

Most innovative team’ in Ireland with trophies for the fastest car and best use of ICT & CAD; and a place on the starting grid in Austin, Texas in October. We have our place in the finals, we just need your help to get us there!

How we are doing it?

Enthusiasm, dedication, perseverance, education, hard work, and your sponsorship.

  The Car

Blue Lightening

 CAD/CAM Engineer

Ciarán McDermott

Ciarán, the mechanic, uses Computer Aided Manufacturing [CAM] to construct our car as close to the CAD design as possible. He is responsible for 3D printing, CNC machining and physical testing of the car.

Ciarán McDermott

  Resource Manager

Tom O’Carroll

Tom, the quartermaster, ensures that all the finances are kept in order. He manages all our resources including sponsors, collaborators and the most important resource of all, the team.

Tom O’Carroll

 Marketing Manager

Jamie McManus

Jamie, the broadcaster, markets our team & car to the public. He manages the various social media accounts & ensures that the team is represented effectively.

Jamie McManus

Project Manager

Cian McBrearty

Cian, the coordinator, ensures the team operates effectively and efficiently together, keeping to deadlines. Cian works with all team members to achieve the highest quality work.

Cian McBrearty

  Graphic Designer

Joe Reidy

Joe, the artist, is responsible for designing our portfolio, pit display and promotional material. He uses a range of design software and represents our team in a professional and memorable manner.

Joe Reidy

  Team Manager

Darren O’Hara Duggan

Darren, the engineer, developed skills in Computer Aided Design [CAD] and Computational Fluid Dynamics [CFD] to model multiple innovative versions of the car. It is his job to motivate and keep the team on track.

Darren O’Hara Duggan

  Our Journey

Hurricane Racing was formed in September 2015, when Darren and Ciarán brought a team together to enter the 'F1 in Schools' competition. Cian, Joe, Tom and Jamie joined the team straight away, without any idea of the work that was in store for all of us.

Anyway, we designed an F1 car, modelled it, refined it, 3D printed it, assembled it, tested it, raced it, won the all-Ireland title.

As with all F1 competitions, we are required to raise the money to take our car to the world finals at the US Gran Prix, in October.

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  The Competition

The 'F1 in Schools Technology Challenge' is a worldwide program involving over 20 million students. The international initiative is aimed at engaging and challenging students while introducing them to the possibilities of careers in Engineering, Science, Marketing and Project Management. The competition requires teams of 3-6 members to Design, Manufacture, Test, Race and Market a miniature Formula One style car. It is propelled down a 20 metre track powered by the jet from a C02 canister. The average car will complete the race in just over one second, reaching speeds topping 110 km/h.

Winners of national competitions are invited to compete in the international finals, normally in conjunction with a Formula One Grand Prix, and with the support of Formula One teams such as Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull Racing

Competition Aspects

There are five aspects to the competition: racing, designing, marketing, presenting and analyzing. To perform well in the competition the teams have to be well rounded in all aspects of the competition and follow the regulations. The regulations for F1 in Schools are similar to the official F1 sport regulations.

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  Our Support

Huge Thanks To Our Sponsors

Auburn School of Motoring Shannon Orthodontics Environmental Design & SimulationAthlone Institute of TechnologyBurgess of Athlone Athlone ChamberMarist College Athlone

And to Our Friends

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  Our School

A Note From Our Principal

This is a really exciting time in the life of the Marist College, Athlone. It is an occasion where our students have brought the Marist to the world stage. We in the Marist always encourage our students to achieve their potential and in this instance of our Formula One Team this has certainly been the case. The joy felt within the college at the success of the team is immeasurable. Their achievement has instilled a great belief in the full student cohort that anything is possible.

Local Impact

Marist College was set up in Athlone in 1884 and has been providing second level education for boys since then. The main aim of our College is to give a holistic eduction to those entrusted to us and to assist them in achieving their full potential. Now it is necessary for us to ask your support in helping our F1 team to achieve their potential. We thank you sincerely in advance.

Tony Colgan




Hurricane Racing,
Marist College, Athlone
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